[un]social chair.

About the Project

[un]social chair is a multifunctional seating furniture that functions as a tool for non-verbal communication. By folding the armrest, a wide variety of postures is possible for one or two people. The sitting position can thus be used to communicate the willingness for social interaction.

Individual Project, 2015

Product Design (BA)

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

The pictures show many different sitting positions that make different communication possible. The [un]social chair takes on the functions of an armchair, 2-seater couch, chaise lounge or work furniture. This would make it a good piece of furniture for an office or shared work space.

In order to realise the function of the concept and design aspects; and to be able to test it live, I built a final prototype. The basic frame is made of 20mm blockboard, upholstered in 4 layers and covered with high quality upholstery fabric. The legs are individually turned by hand from oak wood due to different lengths and angles. The back of the chair was faced with oak plywood panels.

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