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You Will Not Be.

Smartphones are increasingly the tool for the hyper-efficient and hyper-productive digital economy of self-optimisation. They are not the extension of our bodies, instead our bodies becomes an extension of the smartphone. Pings of notifications and vibrations dictate repetitive commands and gestures – desperately trying to achieve the promises of happiness and self-fulfillment. Performed at La XXII Triennale Di Milano in February 2019 and in Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam in October 2019.

Social Design Students, 2019

Social Design (MA)

Design Academy Eindhoven

Human >< Nature.

Moss overgrows stone tiles – score one for nature – round-cut box trees in cubic pots – one to one – symmetrically tied roses on trellises - 2 to one for human...


The project uses 4 speculative tools to discuss the alienation of nature through domestication. The project pleads for a more species-appropriate treatment of plants in urban spaces - especially front gardens. Again, humans need tools to learn what is natural. But, what is "natural"?

Individual Project, 2019

Social Design (MA)

Design Academy Eindhoven

Pure Taste of the World.

The project investigates the impact of globalisation and tourism on food culture. What is traditional for which country? Many ingredients that are part of "traditional" dishes originate from other cultures. When is something traditional?

The result of the work is, besides three publications, an exhibition of speculative souvenirs: the pure tastes of what are considered typical dishes from all over the world are captured in edible spheres – to be collected and enjoyed.

Social Design (MA)

Design Academy Eindhoven

Unseen Portraits.

How much do you have to deform a human face to make it invisible to machine vision?

Visitors of the exhibition can have an Unseen Portrait created in the exhibition, which is invisible to machine vision.


A new installation was designed and realised for the exhibition SEEING at the Science Gallery Dublin.

Exhibition Installation for Stephan Bogner and Philipp Schmitt, 2016

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