About the Project

Findus is a set of tableware designed for people with visual impairment. The main focus was on simplifying food intake for as many forms of visual impairment as possible and, in addition, on an inconspicuous overall appearance compared to other special tableware. The project was developed in close cooperation with several visually impaired people and was realised together with a professional ceramist.

With Lara Weller, Tabea Lankhuijzen, 2015

Product Design (BA)

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

The set of tableware consists of a mug, a glass, a plate and a bowl. All parts help especially visually impaired people to consume meals more independently. The basic concept of the plate and bowl is the overhanging rim of the dish, which allows the food to be pushed against the rim onto the fork without falling out of the dish. This enables you to eat with one hand - or respectively without a knife - easily. The high contrast of white to grey allows for better visibility on the table.

To make it easier to find the different components of a meal, the plate has tactile markings on the underside of the rim. Using the visual markings on the top, relatives and caregivers can thus serve the visually impaired person so they can eat independently. Both the glass and the cup have a thicker base so that nothing is pushed over when they are palpated on the table. For people with low vision, the glass and cups can be distinguished from each other by the different height strips.

The process of making the Findus set of tableware was an iterating design process including several self-experiments, as well as user tests and interviews with different visually impaired people. We had worked permanently over 5 months with people conditioned with different levels of visual impairment and abilities – from a blind-born disoriented woman, to an older man who has slowly gone blind over 25 years still running his own household.

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